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Cómo comprar avisos en CAH

Casa Argentina de Houston - 2019 Website Advertisements

Casa Argentina de Houston (CAH) is a 401(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes the culture of Argentina and Latin American and helps support other charity organizations. 


Can be sent via check to:
Casa Argentina de Houston Att: Website
4740 Ingersoll Suite 104
Houston TX 77027


There will be no contract signed between the Sponsor and CAH.  Donation payments can be made by check. CAH will provide the Sponsor a receipt if required.

Acceptance / Refusal of Ads:

CAH reserves the right to accept, refuse or discontinue the advertisement and the links, if any. If the content of the ad or link is changed by the Sponsor or its agency, and it becomes of a questionable nature to CAH, as per its own criteria, CAH will cancel the publication but retain the donation.

Some Technical Details


The Sponsor provides the artwork as per the guidelines in this webpage. CAH can accommodate other ad sizes and presentation periods, in which case the Sponsor needs to discuss it with CAH.

Serving the Ads:

The artwork can be provided to CAH and hosted in our website, or the advertisement can be served from the Sponsor’s server or its advertisement agency’s server. CAH will not host executable or interpreted code snippets, only graphical files,  and text files, with or without links to the Sponsor’s website.


Prices are for 12 months

Small (240 X 120 pixels) = $250
Medium (240 X 240 pixels) = $375
Large (240 X 480 pixels) = $500

File Formats:

The following formats are accepted: Windows jpeg, gif, png or links to your server. Ads can contain links to another new page in the customer's website, but should not replace CAH's page in the browser. Emails cannot contain flash (swf) files. GIF files not designed by CAH, need approval.

How to buy:

Send your inquiry and/or files to info@casaargentina.org attaching the graphic file you want to publish and submit payment according to the size.

Real Sizes Examples

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